Carnia, terra di confine. E anche questa pagina a volte sconfina in altri luoghi, veri o metaforici


Autumn in Carnia

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IT: Autunno in Carnia

Of all the seasons, autumn is certainly the most spectacular one, as if after the summer explosion, Mother Nature reserves the grand final with the brilliant colours of the foliage, offering  sceneries that take one’s breath away. After all, isn’t autumn the sunset of summer? And like all the sunsets, autumn inflames the world of vibrant red, bright yellow and orange and lits the first fires in the fireplaces of Carnic homes, tempting us to sip a cup of hot chocolate or mulled wine while enjoying the warmth of the fire and the romantic atmosphere in which we are immersed


Nature’s splendor in Ovaro, Degano valley


The tiny village of Clavais, a hamlet of Ovaro, lies in blissful tranquillity within a clearing inside the woods of the Degano Valley


The Parrish Church of Saint Floriano, Illegio, Tolmezzo


All the leaves are brown
and the sky is grey…

But don’t worry!  If the sky is grey, you can still find some blue or green in Carnia: in our alpine lakes, in the crystal clear waters of brooks and rivers, in the evergreen trees


Bordaglia Lake, Forni Avoltri


The sun is mirroring itself in the calm, still and clear waters of the  Bordaglia lake



  • To reach the alpine lakes, you need a map
  • Avoid hiking alone: in group it is always better and safer
  • Do not hike if the weather is bad. Control also the forecast 
  • Wear the right shoes: trainers are not suitable for mountain paths!
  • Do not forget to pack a rain gear: mountain weather is changeable

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