Carnia, terra di confine. E anche questa pagina a volte sconfina in altri luoghi, veri o metaforici

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The scent of the forest

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Living the everyday life in Carnia and loving it, it is not easy. It’s a bit like being in love with a complicated, introverted, capricious person, but this very person is also the one who takes and fascinates you because it is different from all the others and in the end you would not want an easier person by your side, otherwise you would get bored. So it is Carnia: often hard, rough, stingy and difficult, but also fascinating, amazing, full of challenges and always able to surprise, gratify and satisfy you when you are about to throw in the towel.
Morphologically, Carnia is a mountainous, steep region, rich in watercourses and lakes, and since people abandoned agriculture in favor of less tiring and more profitable activities, woods expanded, covering the areas once used as pastures or fields.
Due to the frequent rainfalls and the never too hot weather, green rules everywhere: in the woods, in the meadows, in the moss that covers the rocks, in lakes and alpine lakes. It’s almost like living in Forks, just without vampires and werewolves!

Bosco sopra terme Artacava di verzegnis 2

But if unfortunately (or not… points of view…) here don’t live supernatural creatures such as handsome vampires or werewolves, Carnia doesn’t lack in magic: if you visit it in autumn, the beauty of the foliage will take your breath away!


A walk in the woods during the foliage season is an experience that we recommend to anyone, but especially to those who feel stressed, nervous, sad. Walking in the woods, stepping on the damp and mossy  soil covered in fallen leaves, smelling the scent of moss, mushrooms, wet wood, dew drying in the sun and resin dripping slowly from the trees… it’s an experience that involves all senses – we dare even say the sixth. The forest, its perfumes, colours and sounds have the power to calm the soul and instill peace. We suggest you to have a walk in the woods in the early morning, when the moisture of the night enhances the scents of nature, and the only sounds that echo in the cool breeze are the scampering of the animals that flee at your passage, the murmur of the streams and the rustling of the fronds caressed by the wind.


Photo by Alessio Dorigo


Photo by Alessio Dorigo


Photo by Alessio Dorigo


Photo by Alessio Dorigo

You could also make some interesting encounters… such as a roe deer, a deer, a fox… or other beautiful, shy wild animals.


a doe surprised by Giuseppe in a cold winter morning


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